Our Vision and Values:

It’s really important for any organisation to know what their purpose is… And churches are no different!
Once we know what we’re about it helps to shape everything that we do.
Because of that, and to continue to help us shape what we do as a church in and around Clifton, we have the following mission statement:

Clifton Methodist Church exists to work with God to live out the love of Jesus Christ in today’s world.

In order to help us to fulfil this purpose, we have dreamed of what we want our church and community presence to look like as we serve this community. Our vision is:

To be a diverse and inclusive church community where all find a welcome and all are able to flourish.

And where there is purpose and vision, there also have to be tangible things that we can hold to together that help us to achieve our purpose and realise our vision. And so our values are:

To show God’s love and hope through prayer, Bible study, worship, fellowship and hospitality;
To work with the Nottingham and Derby District of the Methodist Church to respond to the needs of the community of Clifton through service, mission and outreach;
To enable all to flourish: spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally and socially;
To work together to grow disciples of Jesus Christ.

Here at Clifton Methodist Church we’re passionate about history…

By following the links below, you can find out more about our history:

Our ministers

Our roll of ministers:

1954 – 1975

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1975 – 2000

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